My Secret Vendors


World-Renowned Designer Adds More Secrets in Her Latest Rewrite of “My Secret Vendors”

DSC_0111_9155_edited-3-w150When I released my “Secret Vendor List”, It Instantly Became A Best-seller!

Read a Few Samples Below of What Customers are Saying Who Have Purchased The Book:




“Nancy’s Secret Vendors are Wonderful!”

Elaine CarrollI did purchase from some Vendors previously. Your secret vendors are WONDERFUL, thank you for the recommendation. There is a great savings compared to floral supply houses in MA. It was very easy to order with your companies. I received prompt shipping and quality products.

Two hours a week of “you”, time goes by so fast, you have been so valuable to me and I am blessed because of it.

– Elaine C –

Secret Vendor List Buyer





“Saved Me Time And Money!”

Eugenit LocknishThe “Secret Vendor List” was the Best Investment I ever made.

I definitely have saved a lot of money by purchasing directly from one favorite vendor, and will be returning to them again for future orders. Shipping is fast, and shipping charges are reasonable.

You have taken the fear factor out of approaching many vendors. I know I would not have done so if it wasn’t for all the details you give for each vendor. It truly is a wonderful list!

– Euginia L –

Secret Vendor List Buyer





“Great Resources!”

Christine McBrideNot only has it saved me tons of money, it has given me a resource to purchase Deco Mesh. There are very few stores in my area who carry mesh, let along work wreaths, etc.

One stop shopping. I know who I can and can’t afford to shop with.

– Christine M –

Secret Vendor List Buyer





“Showed me where to get best supplies at the best price!”

Karen GreshamWhen I ordered the “Secret Vendor List”, I had no idea how to get the supplies for my wreaths at discounted prices.

Nancy’s tips for getting my tax ID # allowed me to take advantage of savings I wouldn’t have had. I am running a small business on the side of my day job. Saving where I can has made a huge difference in what I charge and what I am able to make.

Knowing where to look for supplies has saved me hours of internet searching. Learning from someone with the experience and willingness to share has been great.

– Karen G –

Secret Vendor List Buyer





“No More Hours Of Searching For The Best Vendors!”

BEVERLY HENDERSONI cannot describe what a help the “Secret Vendor List” has been for me! It HAS saved me money.

I travel to one particular vendor which I LOVE because I can pick up exactly what I want, and then I order from other vendors through Nancy’s vendor list.

It is so easy to sit down at my computer in the comfort of my own home as I browse through websites of vendors. I am overcome with ideas for my next wreath and then the next as I look at their sites.

Nancy’s taste is impeccable, so I don’t worry at all when I order any of her suggestions online. After all, it was her taste which drew me to her in the first place. I cannot wait until the NEW “My Secret Vendors” is released!

– Beverly H –

Secret Vendor List Buyer



nancy edited

From: Nancy Alexander
Master Wreath Designer
Re: “My Secret Vendors”



Thanks for Visiting!

As you can see from the testimonials, buyers of the “Secret Vendor List”, have LOVED this awesome resource! It has saved them time and money! They have been thrilled to have an extensive list of vendors at their fingertips with prices they can afford to pay for their supplies.


“My Secret Vendors” Is a Brand New eBook
It is Rewritten From Start To Finish!

I have added even more value!

  • More vendors
  • Better pricing
  • Even a few Vendors that don’t require a sale tax license
  • Vendors that ship to Canada
  • Vendors that ship Internationally
  • Vendors who require lower minimum orders


What if…

you’re looking to design beautiful wreaths or floral designs for year-round occasions, whether just for fun, or to sell in your Etsy store, this downloadable eBook is for you.

What if…

you sell arts and crafts, or floral designs on your website, this eBook is for you.

What if…

you just want to give gifts to your family and friends, then you want to purchase this digital e-book – it is for you.

Here’s why… For years I quietly cleared HUNDREDS of dollars per wreath, selling high-end wreaths on eBay. Many days, UPS daily pick-ups, were loaded with 10 to 30 wreaths as they left my studio. In fact, my wreaths were often the most expensive and highest-quality you could find, and women bought them in droves.

As a world-renowned designer, I honed my wreath-making skills to be top-notch, using only the best materials that last a lifetime. Women have gladly paid handsomely for my exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs. I say this not to brag, but only illustrate what is possible designing these exquisite and charming works of art.

And best of all, you can easily do it too! You see, one of a designer’s most closely guarded-secrets is his or her supplier listthe exact supplies to order and which vendors to approach. My customers and clients have begged me for years to release my suppliers. But that was my secret “ace-in-the-hole.” And I never made it available before…

Until a few years ago. My customers loved that they could save time and money using my secret vendors!



“More Time to Create Wreaths!”

Cecile MosleyWhen you can sit at your laptop or I Pad, browsing through all the beautiful florals, ribbons, etc. versus going from store to store, I have much more time to spend on creating my wreaths!

– Cecile M –

Secret Vendor List Buyer





“Invaluable Insider Information!”

Sharon RoyersNancy, I am so very grateful to you for releasing the secret vendors list to us. These are absolutely invaluable, especially to those of us just starting in the business.

Nowhere else would we find a professional who would share this “insider” information.

To be able to purchase such a variety of professional supplies at wholesale cost is such a blessing. Previously I had to buy retail and there was less variety and of course the cost was much higher. It was difficult to make a profit until the secret vendor list was available.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what this act of generosity has meant to me.

– Sharon R –

Secret Vendor List Buyer





“Secret Vendor List Saved Tons of Research Time!”

Carol WildYour ‘Secret Vendor List’ has saved me time keeping me from having to do ‘research’ on my own. Also, the amount of money I have saved has certainly paid off!

It is my belief that your Secret Vendor List is totally complete.

Also, living in Dawsonville, GA (52-miles from Atlanta) I was able to find several vendors close to where I live!

– Carol W –

Secret Vendor List Buyer





“I paid way too much for supplies before buying your book!”

sueThere is so much good information in your book and I refer to it often.

I wish that I had known about you first!
Unfortunately, I had already gone to the Atlanta Market before purchasing “Secret Vendor List”, and made many of the mistakes you talked about.

I spent way too much money on high priced items and floral stems that I still have and can’t get rid of because of the cost.

Your vendors list helped me avoid the expensive wholesalers on my next trip to Market!

Sue W

Secret Vendor List Buyer



Now you, too, can experience the thrill and joy of creating your own beautiful wreaths for less money with “My Secret Vendors.”.

  • Whether you want unique memorable gifts and treasures for loved ones that last a lifetime.
  • Whether you want to add creative new pieces to your own store inventory to sell them online (like Etsy, Facebook, or a website, for example).
  • Or just for the pure enjoyment of making your own decorative wreaths for all occasions throughout the year for your own home.


Now you can tap into my own secret resources with my BRAND NEW, newly-rewritten, one-of-a-kind…eBook! “My Secret Vendors” (eBook) includes:My Secret Vendors

  • Vendor contact information, including websites
  • Showroom locations and order information
  • Video interviews with suppliers
  • Nancy’s personal notes on her favorites
  • Vendors that ship to Canada & International
  • Where to shop if you don’t have a sales tax ID
  • Plus much, much more!


And remember, our unique wreaths are made with superior quality elements at unbelievably low costs. In fact, some of my best customers have wanted for years to learn where I purchased my supplies. I was offered money multiple times for my list of vendors.

That alone makes this an invaluable eBook! But there’s more, much more…

You see, I wanted to make this eBook something special—something truly spectacular. This is more than just a list of my secret suppliers. It also has information that will help you avoid the very costly mistakes that I made!

  • How NOT to choose the wrong vendor
  • Find the perfect sales rep
  • How NOT to be naive in the showroom
  • Be empowered when you talk to sales reps
  • How NOT to spend more than you should
  • And much more!


The Secret Vendor List” is a great value at only $197!

Grab Your Digital (Downloadable eBook) Copy At This Low Investment Today!

How would you like to make a wreath like mine for an investment of only $30 – $50?


My guess is that you are spending much more than that on your wreaths now. Many of you have told me that you are spending twice that on your wreaths!

At a bare minimum…

Let’s say that you sell one wreath a week using the suppliers from “My Secret Vendors.” Do you realize that with using my suppliers you could make an additional $5,000 a year.

Let’s say that you sell two wreaths a week, you would earn an additional $10,000 per year!

BUT, Nancy’s recent coaching students are already selling 4-6 wreaths per week!
(That is $20,000 or more of additional income per year!)

And all that for merely $197!

“You Mean I Get All This, And STILL There’s More???”

Absolutely. In fact, there’s a LOT more… You also get:



“How to Shop at Your Local Craft Store “

At the heart of my success, I’ve learned to create localcraftstore-flat-w500outstanding wreaths and other florals using some expensive materials from the wholesale markets, but supplementing them with low-priced florals from the local craft stores. Now, you too, can create expensive-looking creations with less expensive, locally-obtained flowers and accents. Anyone can go into a local craft store and purchase their floral supplies. But it takes a trained eye for color, style, and price to combine those materials with quality, wholesale florals and come up with a wreath that is breathtaking.

($77.00 Value – Digital e-Book)




Bonus #2


“How to Shop at the Largest Gift Markets in the World”

Prepare yourself for your initial buying trip to a major giftmarket-flat-w500Gift Market: Atlanta Americas Mart, Dallas Market Center, World Market Center, Las Vegas Market. Some of the largest, most prestigious gift and market centers in the world. These world-class showcases are dazzling and beautiful, but are they a bit intimidating for you? How would you like to go with a friend on your next trip to market? And not only a friend, but a world-renowned designer and entrepreneur? Nancy Alexander can’t go with you personally, but she can accompany you through this shopping guide to those mega markets. With her tips and hints, you can come out the winner on every single trip to a major wholesale market!

($77.00 Value – Digital e-Book)





Bonus #3

“Professionally filmed Video – How to Box & Secure a Wreath for Shipping”

how-to-box-a-wreath-video-narrowOne big obstacle I ran into when I began to sell wreaths was how to ship them. I figured, planned, and experimented until I finally I knew what to do. I was embarrassed when I realized how easy it was, and that I had spent so much time trying to figure it out. So, I do know it can be an overwhelming task. Let me show you how to use these easy steps to pack your wreath securely by tying it down to the bottom of the box. I’ll show you how to cut down the box, if necessary, to save shipping costs. And then we will finish up by taping in such a way that your box will not come apart during shipping. These instructions along with my box supplier and a list of my favorite size boxes will make this a very simple task instead of the daunting one it was to me in the beginning.

($27.00 Value – Digital Video)



Bonus #4

“Deck The Halls: How to Make a Christmas Wreath”

deckthehalls-flat-w500Everyone loves to hang a bright, beautiful wreath on their door for Christmas! Let Nancy teach you how to make an exquisite wreath that will have all your neighbors talking. This eBook shows you in step by step instructions how to create the most beautiful wreath you have ever seen. And then, you get to feel the satisfaction knowing that you made it yourself. Christmas wreaths are easy to make if you know which materials to have, and which steps to follow. Why, even making a bow is easy if you learn her exclusive method of bow-making. Nancy is incredibly excited to be offering this instructional eBook, “Deck the Halls” because it focuses on a wonderful time of year – her favorite: Christmas! Whether you are new to wreath making or a faithful customer, we just know that you are going to enjoy making this wreath.

(That’s a $24.97 value right there!)




Bonus #5

“How to Make a Spring or Summer Wreath”

springmeadow-flat (1)-w500Spring Meadow is so much fun! It is a little smaller wreath, but very detailed. In this eBook, Nancy makes sure you know how to design a spring or a summer wreath that literally takes your breath away. It will be magnificent! As you are learning, Nancy will teach you how to anchor a bird, sitting on her nest of eggs, into the wreath very securely using sponge mushrooms. Then you will most certainly use the mixed greens Ladybug Wreaths is known for. This wreath is full of a mix of flowers and berries, and will add so much to any area of your home. Even the smallest of wreaths can make such a difference when placed in the right spot!

(A $24.97 value!)




Bonus #6

“How to Make a Sunflower Garden Wreath”

sunflowergarden-flat-w500 Nancy will teach you how to create a beautiful wreath just like the one in this eBook. With her easy instructions you can create small or extra large wreaths. Nancy explains every step so that even a beginner can design a wreath filled with large sunflowers and curled stems, lots of fruit, freshly harvested honeysuckle vine, as well as gerber daisies, and other filler flowers. You don’t even have to have any experience to start using this eBook! Nancy’s wreaths can be described as “wild & woodsy”, “light & airy”, or even full and formal. Let Nancy teach you how to design wreaths in whatever style your customers would like, and she is sure you’ll LOVE designing this “wild & woodsy” wreath!

(A $24.97 value!)




Bonus #7

“How to Make a Spring Magnolia Door Wreath”

plantationwreath-flat-w500In this beautiful Southern Magnolia wreath, Nancy reveals her secrets to making a beautiful wreath. You see, most people are surprised to see the impact a small wreath can have on a lifeless space. Nancy named this eBook “Plantation Charm” because it is full of magnolias, fruit, and much more — it simply reminds me of a Southern Plantation. Your friends and guests will notice this beauty immediately when visiting… and you will feel such pride knowing that you created this one with your own two hands. Remember, with her simple, and easy to follow instructions, Nancy Knows You Can Do This! There is absolutely NO doubt.

(A $24.97 value!)



That’s over $280 in bonuses!


However, I wanted to make it even easier for you to decide.
That’s because you’re automatically protected by my…



60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Listen: I don’t care if it’s one hour from now, or 3 weeks from now – if you aren’t happy, I’m not happy. Purchase right now. Try it out. If you like it, great! We exchanged a small amount of money for a large amount of value. Awesome! If it’s not for you, don’t even give me a reason why you want your money back. Just ask for it – and it will be returned promptly and quietly to you. Plus, we can still be friends. By the way, here is our support desk should you need to request a refund or need any product assistance at all with your purchase today.

You Risk Nothing & Gain Everything!


You get everything for this ridiculously low investment of $197.
Please don’t wait and miss out on this terrific value.
Grab yours and get started shopping with these amazing vendors!
Let me tell you, the confidence in yourself you’ll feel when you see how much money you earned from your first wreath sale is priceless!



Yes I’m In!

I want access immediately to Nancy’s Secret Vendors for only $197 before the price goes up!

I understand that I risk nothing and gain everything when I click on the button below and check out. When I do this, I realize I’ll be getting all these great benefits:

  • Save money by finding the best prices on craft supplies
  • Save time by not having to research vendors
  • Order from suppliers with confidence!

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Click The Button Above Now!

Order With Confidence On 100% Secure Servers



Yours truly,

P.S. You have absolutely nothing to lose because of my 60 day guarantee. And when you consider that I have thrown in 7 e-Books and countless videos, this should be a real no-brainer! So get it now while it’s still fresh on your mind!

P.P.S. Can you really continue paying more money than you need to and wasting time looking for valuable vendors? Well, say goodbye to those today when you get your hands on “My Secret Vendors.” With inflation and the demand increasing, I can guarantee that the price isn’t going to stay this low forever. Get it now!

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